Life as a Dad

Posted: September 10, 2010 in Uncategorized
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I have recently become a first time dad.  My wife and I were blessed with a sweet little girl about 12 weeks ago.  Over these past 3 months my emotions have ranged from excitement and exhilaration to nervousness and tension.

I have no idea what to expect.  Part of me thinks I am not ready to be a dad, and another part of me can’t wait to watch Naomi grow up.  There is a song by Sanctus Real called “Lead Me”.  That has sort of become my song over the last couple weeks.  I know that I can’t do this alone.

If you could give a first time dad one piece of advice, what would it be?

  1. bryan says:

    remember that your daughter is not just a main character in your life, but you are also a character in hers. For the rest of her life she’ll talk about how her dad treated her and what was unique about your relationship…it’s up to you whether those things are good or bad.

    (and congrats on the new blog!)

    • roncap says:

      I myself a Dad, not new, my son is 6 and I have been keeping a blog since Sept 09. I wish that I started when he was born.

      My only advice is too share something her that only you and her do. It is something you most likely will not come up with right away but when you do you will know its perfect. I learned to fish when my son was born so that we would have something together. My wife does come sometimes but he knows that it is our thing and we both look foward to it.

      Here is a blog I wrote about being a Dad it might not be perfect or suit everyone but its what I feel.

      Feel free to check my blog, i am putting you on my blog roll b/c I would like my readers to see and hear your new up coming experiences.

      Best of luck and say good bye to sleeping

      • mattriggins says:

        Ron, thanks for the comment and for putting me on your blog-roll. I appreciate the advice and the idea to come up with something for us to do that’s ours. I am actually thinking already of things we can do that could sort of become of tradition… getting me pretty pumped actually! Thanks again!

    • mattriggins says:

      I think I can handle being a character! 🙂 When I think of the characters I can be in her life, I actually get kinda excited. I’m looking forward to making her laugh, think, dream – and thinking of myself as a “character” actually makes that sound a little easier.

  2. Congrats on being a new dad! I just became one as well on August 28. I blog about it at

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