How Long is Eternity?

Posted: September 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

As a new dad, eternity is not something that I’ve thought about much since my daughter was born. All the joy that she has brought my life has taken my attention off “preparing for eternity” (not like I was perfect at that before) and now I’m basically trying to pour everything I have into my family’s life. Basically enjoying the experiences that come with being a husband and dad.

However, sometimes while vacationing you have plenty of time to reflect and think about things. Today was one of those days. As I was walking back to our beach house by myself, my toes were kicking up the sand from the path. All of a sudden something came back to me. Think about this for a second:

If your entire life was a grain of sand, all the other grains of sand in the whole world would just be the beginning of eternity.

That’s crazy to think about – much crazier when you’re at the beach and you can pick up a pile of sand. Just a wild guess, but one pile of sand probably has somewhere around 25000 grains of sand (who really knows). So if your life was 75 years – that is 1,875,000 years just in one pile of sand. Imagine if each grain of sand in the whole world equaled 75 years, how many years would that be? Wow!

Trying to wrap our human minds around eternity is pretty challenging. To think about the fact that God has always been and will always be sometimes makes my brain want to explode. I once heard someone say that for our human minds to try and comprehend God would be like trying to explain the internet to an ant. It’s not going to happen. I choose to believe that God is who He says He is.

So what will eternity be like? Other than the general “Christian” stuff we know we’re going to do: Bow down, Lay our crowns, Worship, etc, what are you most looking forward to?

For me that question is easy. For years I’ve made friends, but then they’ve moved away or for different reasons I just don’t get to see them much. I don’t think we’ll have that problem in heaven. I imagine we’ll be able to hang out with whomever, whenever. I don’t think we’ll need to use the word “goodbye” in heaven. That makes me excited.

What about you?

  1. Vicki says:

    I’m looking forward to flying! 🙂 hehe! I just can’t wait to meet Jesus!

  2. roncap says:

    Happiness, pure happiness

  3. jason riggins says:

    we know in eternity, there will be no Sea & No Night! Being at the Beach now for 10 days in a is so unbelievably crazy how Fast the days go bye.. Definitely looking forward to the sun Never Going Down. And No More Time!

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