Are you more like the Chiefs? Or the Cowboys?

Posted: September 19, 2010 in Uncategorized

Unless it’s an NBA game where Tim Donaghy was the referee, the best part about sports is the fact that the unexpected can happen at any time.  The underdog always has a shot, whether it’s the Miracle on Ice,  Music City Miracle, David Tyree catching a ball on his head, Boise St running plays we ran in the back yard, Michigan St faking a field goal, or Brett Favre throwing 3 interceptions, you never know what to expect.  (Ok that last one is pretty much expected … buuut … you get the point).  I love sports! Mainly because in sports – anything is possible!

Think about this year’s NFL season for a second.  two prominent teams, with high expectations coming into the season are 0-2.  Many people pegged the Dallas Cowboys and Minnesota Vikings as potential playoff teams and possible Super Bowl contenders.  As a matter of fact, both Tony Dungy and Rodney Harrison both picked the Cowboys to win the Super Bowl before their game last week against the Redskins.

On the other hand, four teams that were expected to be mediocre at best have come flying out the gates.  The Miami Dolphins, Kansas City Chiefs, Chicago Bears, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers have defied the odds that were stacked against them and started the season 2-0.  Even the Pittsburgh Steelers who are without their first and second string QB’s won their first two games against two very good opponents.

You could say they are playing easy opponents, but that is not the case.  The Chiefs beat the Chargers, the Dolphins beat the Vikings, the Bears beat the Cowboys, the Steelers have beaten a tough Falcons team and shut down the Titans running game.  These were tough games in which the underdog beat a team they were not expected to beat.

Let me tell you about something stupid.  I once downloaded a racing game for my iPhone.  I say game, but to call it a game would be mis-leading.  Basically, the concept was I choose my car and hit “race” and then the computer generates the outcome.  Based on the outcome I can make changes or adjustments to my car and try again.  It was about the lamest thing I ever had and I deleted it almost as quickly as I downloaded it.

I say that to say this.  Wouldn’t it be ridiculous if sports were like that?  Basically, each week we would push “play” and whoever the computer or the people thought was favored would win the game.  There would be no action on the field, just random outcomes.  At the end of the day, teams could make a few adjustments perhaps try and trade a player or two and then hope for a better outcome next week.  That would be horrible, un-entertaining, boring, and unwatchable!

Unfortunately that is the exact same thing that many of us do with our lives.  So many times we think we already know what the outcome will be before we even step on the field.  We tell ourselves we can’t do something, but we fail to even try.  We convince ourselves that something is bad idea but we haven’t even thrown the idea out there.  We give up and “lose” the battle without ever really putting up a fight.

I am so guilty of this and so many times have talked myself out of something because of this thing inside me called “fear”.  I tell myself it won’t work, I can’t, I don’t have time, it’s useless, or some other excuse that I come up with.  My idea then eventually fizzles away and vanishes.  Meanwhile, nothing changes and if I’m not careful I start going through life living the same today as I did yesterday, hoping for a better outcome.  Much like my racing “game” or the Dallas Cowboys, or my beloved New York Mets.

Have you ever found yourself like this as well?

Well maybe God has a greater purpose inside of us.  God wants to take our families to places we never imagined they could go.  God wants to take our churches or our businesses to higher heights.  God wants to perform a miracle in our lives.  God wants to change our lives and defy all the odds and take us somewhere we never imagined was possible.  God wants to take our struggles and help us become over-comers!

Just like the Dolphins, Chiefs, Bears, Bucs, and Steelers, lets play the game and start making positive things happen.

With God on our side, the results may surprise you.

Check out this awesome video of someone who defy’d the odds stacked against them…

  1. jason riggins says:

    Great posts. Really needed that bit of re-assurance. God does want to Do things for us & take us farther in this life than we could imagine. All we need to do is Suit up, Trust Him & Get in the Game.

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