Mike Vick… Hero or Villain?

Posted: September 28, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Now matter how you look at it – the quarterback position right now in Pennsylvania is pretty wild.  On one side we have an accused rapist, and on the other we have a convicted dog killer.  How many other states can say that?  While we still wait to see how Big Ben will perform when he returns in a few more weeks, Michael Vick has certainly turned a few heads in his shot at redeeming himself.

What else can you say about Vick.  So far it has been an incredible comeback story.  He goes from jail, to back-up quarterback, to starting quarterback of 1st place team in 2 years.  Things are looking up for the former Mr. Ron Mexico.  He is becoming a star in a town with perhaps the toughest fan base in all of sports.  If he keeps playing the way he has, he could land a spot in the Pro Bowl, if not the Super Bowl, later this year.  Certainly this is quite an accomplishment considering all he has been through since April of 2007.

So how should we feel about Michael Vick?  Is he starting to become a hero?  Or is he still a villain?

I want to continue a conversation that actually started on a friends Facebook page.  Here are some of the comments.

First… the “tough to root for him crowd” :

Hooray for the 52 non-convicted felons on the 53-man roster of the 2010 Philadelphia Eagles

I have no respect for someone who hurts/neglects/maims/kills children or animals. What Vick did was totally and completely reprehensible, killing another living creature for the fun of it and/or because you can is WRONG.

I can’t even bring myself to watch the eagles anymore.

These are real thoughts from real people. I understand their feelings and respect their position.

Now.. the “time to move on crowd”:

you can’t crucify someone for the rest of their lives for a mistake they have made in their past

The entire point of our criminal system is to punish and rehabilitate

[does]n’t his “redemption” benefit society more by calling attention to and, subsequently, reducing the occurrences of the animal cruelty cases that caused this whole problem to begin with?

This is tough.  On one hand, what he did was irresponsible and incomprehendable for most of us.  We cannot imagine being involved with something so cruel.  On the other hand, we have no idea what his past is like, and what we would do if we had to grow up in his shoes.  Is it fair to rank one’s offense as unforgivable?  If we start “ranking” people’s faults, are we basically playing the role of God?

Is Vick sorry for his actions?  Honestly I’m not sure, I’ve never met him.  He seems legit, but anyone can be coached to say or act a certain way in front of a camera.  I’ve read that he’s accepted Christ and is now a changed man.  But really… haven’t plenty of other athletes used the “I found Christ” to regain public approval?

What do you think?  Should we root for Mike Vick to succeed?  Do we need more time to allow the wounds to heal?  Or do you find yourself rooting against him?  Is there a line that once it is crossed, it takes more than a few “sorry’s” and “I’m now a Christian” to generate a forgiving heart?


  1. jason riggins says:

    honestly, i have never considered him a Villain. Even Tho Dogs make up a lot of my income. I personally have no luv at all for The Canine Beasts!! This said i Vote “Mike Vick is a Hero!”

  2. Vicki says:

    You don’t even care for our beloved Max, Jason? 😦
    it’s all about his heart. Which I do not know anything about. but Everyone makes mistakes. This was a pretty big one but just as Christ forgave us. We can’t hold it against him forever either.

  3. david says:

    I’m torn as an eagle’s fan. I love dogs, and I can’t stand cruelty to innocent beings. Anyone who beats or mistreats an animal or a child in my book deserves no respect. I include child because being a pet owner is much like being a parent, and as an animal owner or parent, we have personal responsibility to care for them.

    Having said that, he did pay his penalty for what he did and is now admitted he made mistakes and appears to be repentant of his deeds. I do think he deserves a second chance and deserves to prove that he can be the role model that we all want him to be.

    We have a justice system that is dependant upon rehabilitation. As of now, he is not a multiple offender. Should that happen, he loses his opportunity to turn things around.

    Can you imagine what it would be like if Christ said to us, “Ok, I caught you once. Now you have the chance to redeem yourself, but if you mess up again, no matter what you do, we’re through.” Heaven would be a very lonely place.

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