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Posted: September 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

Today is Tuesday, September 28. Naomi is officially 14 weeks + 1 day old. Counting the day she was born, she is 99 days old. Tomorrow she will celebrate her 100th day here on our planet. She is such a bundle of joy.  I know my wife and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be her mommy and daddy.

She is growing up fast and is beginning to do things that just crack us up. Take for instance last night. Vicki was trying to rock her to sleep but she was wanting none of it. So Vicki throws our little night owl over her shoulder to pat her back and instead of closing her eyes to go to sleep, Naomi is focused in on her own shadow on the wall. As she was staring at her shadow she would occasionally let out a quick laugh. It was comical to watch her be so fascinated with a simple shadow.

Also on Sunday morning during church, I was missing her badly.  Both Vicki and I admitted to each other after the service that we had wanted to get up and go get her from the nursery.  When I finally did get to see her, she was being held by a lady in our church.  As I walked up Naomi looked at me, stared for about 3 seconds to process who this person in front of her was, and then let out a big smile as if to say “Hey.. that’s my Daddy!”.  Talk about making a dad feel special.  At 14 weeks old, she’s already a pro at that.

We spent last weekend working on her room. You may wonder why we have waited until she was 14 weeks old to start working on her room. Well, our intentions were to be in a different house by now – but that never happened. We have since stopped looking for a house for the time-being and took our house off the market as well. I am so thankful for friends like Chris Stough, Jimmy Cameron, and Ben Mathew who took time out of their busy schedules to come help me install a new floor into Naomi’s room. It took us most of the afternoon/evening on Saturday but aside from a few finishing touches, her floor is basically finished.

Last night I began putting together her crib. It was fun working on the crib as Naomi literally sat and watched me while sitting in her mothers lap. We were working together as a family and it was quite enjoyable. There was no music on, no TV on, not even Monday Night Football. It was just the 3 of us.

Naomi is blessed to have the greatest mom in the world. Vicki is constantly sending me texts, pictures, videos and other updates throughout the day of all they are doing at home. I love getting these random texts and videos from her.  It always makes me smile and usually is the highlight of each day.

Here is a great video I captured this weekend.  I love how the leg of this doll is all she needs to be happy:

Below are some before and after pictures from this weekend.

  1. Vicki says:

    Naomi and her doll crack me up! She loves it! Thanks somuch to the guys for helping us with her floor. It looks great!

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