Trick or Treat… With a Purpose

Posted: September 30, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Last night at youth group, two girls came up to me afterwards and said they had an idea.  My ears perked up since I love getting ideas from teenagers!  This year for Halloween, they want to go trick-or-treating with a purpose.  Instead of asking for candy, they want to ask for donations to help support the Children’s Miracle Network hospital in Hershey.  As a youth leader always challenging students to step out of their comfort zone and help those in need, this made me very excited… not to mention extremely proud.  To me, this is what church is all about.  I am doing what I can to help get the ball rolling to make this idea a reality.

So far I have contacted the Children’s Miracle Hospital and have spoken to two people who are pointing me in the right direction.  Unfortunately, because of Hippa laws and other guidelines we won’t be able to make any personal deliveries, but that’s ok.  I was told the children in the hospital love to receive cards and other gifts such as coloring books and crayons/markers.  I will discuss these options with the girls.  I think rather than making a cash donation, their goal will be to raise enough money to buy some gifts, and also make cards to be given to children.

Things could certainly change as this is unchartered territory for me.  However, I am extremely excited about this opportunity as I have told my wife before that I would love to be able to get connected somehow to the Children’s Miracle Network (or something similar) to help out.  Ultimately it would be awesome to have a child that we could personally visit, but at this point I’m not sure how we could do that.  I will keep searching and putting out feelers.

I will be posting updates to the blog about this.  If you would like to help, be involved in this with us, or know of information that could help us, please toss it in the comments.

The ball is rolling…


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