Friday Fun Day – Poorly Timed Jokes

Posted: October 1, 2010 in Uncategorized
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It’s Friday, which means it’s TIME TO HAVE SOME FUN!

I know it’s rare…  but occasionally, I can legitimately be funny. Take last night for example, my wife and I had the following exchange:

Vicki: I wonder if were gonna get any floods tomorrow?
Me: I heard they’ve already started getting together 2 of every animal.
Vicki: (deciding to play along) Really? We had better join them.
Me: I’m just sad for Max (our dog), apparently he didn’t make the list.

My wife couldn’t stop laughing.  She was posting it on her facebook, telling all her friends how funny her husband is.  I was taking it all in.  Ahhh.  Felt nice to have a joke received so well.

Other times, however, my timing is WAAY off…

I honestly don’t consider myself a funny guy.  Usually my attempt at humor is kicked back in my face because my delivery is bad, I fumble my words, or probably because it’s just not funny… which leads to me being the only one laughing at my jokes. Unless of course Chris O’Donnell is around, then I’m always safe.

As a youth leader, I speak to teenagers every week. My goal is to become a better story-teller, particularly funny stories. There’s an old video of Charlie Tremendous Jones where he says the following: “When you make a point, tell a story, tell a story to make a point”. He then goes on to tell his famous gorilla joke to make his point. If you’ve never seen it… check this out.

As I said, I’m usually the only one laughing at my jokes. Here’s my story to prove this point.

The other night around 11:30 pm my wife and I were laying in bed. She was extremely tired and completely worn out after a long day. Like most people, when my wife is tired, she becomes… well how can I put this nicely… territorial. We have a queen size bed so most nights there is plenty of room on both sides of us. On this particular night, I apparently began pushing her a little too close to the edge.

“It seems like there is more room on your side of the bed, could you move over and give me some more space?”

She was getting all squirmy and throwing out terms like claustrophobic, stuttering her words. I honestly thought she was talking in her sleep, so I asked her.

“Are you talking in your sleep again”?

“No. What? Move over, look at all the space on your side”

I was feeling quite jovial, and I felt the need to lighten things up a bit. You know… the husbandly thing to do.

“Honey… I am feeling the space on your side and the space on my side, and I gotta admit, you’ve got way more space over there.”

This didn’t seem to solve the problem. In fact, it seemed to have the complete opposite effect.

“No. I do not!” she fires back.

“Ok… well then let me roll over to see how much space I got ove……”


“Owww!” I shouted. “I totally just fell off the bed”

She gasped! She was concerned!

My plan worked.

Then… as the moon was shining through our window, she saw the childish, guilty grin on my face.

Busted.  Not good.

Perhaps that wasn’t the best time to try the ol’ falling off the bed to prove you have more room on your side trick.

So.. as I was cracking up uncontrollably, she didn’t join me.  She didn’t put anything about this on facebook.  She didn’t mention to anyone how funny her husband was on that one.  Quite frankly, I’m not sure she saw the humor.

Fast forward to last night, 3 days later.  I read this post to her, mainly because I wanted her approval to post this on the blog.  She was laughing so hard as we were eating dinner.

I knew it! I knew it was funny!

Ah… feels so good to have a joke appreciated

Have a great Friday everyone!  Enjoy the weekend!

  1. Vicki says:

    May I remind you dear that before posting your joke on facebook I was sure to announce how YOU suddenly seem to think you’ve found your hidden comedian talent! 🙂 okay well I admit, I may be the only one, but the jokes are kind of funny! Nomi thinks so too! We love you!

  2. - b says:

    It’s just not everyone gets your sense of umor.

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