Our Trip to Outback

Posted: October 4, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Ah, Mondays.  Rainy Mondays.  This is two weeks in a row now that we’ve had a rainy Monday and even though I have already finished my coffee, I think the reason I still feel a step behind is because I didn’t hear the David Crowder Band version of “I saw the Light” on the Word FM this morning.  I’m going to have to get right on that.

Each Monday I typically blog about something interesting that happened over the weekend.  Last Monday, I hit on an embarrassing moment that happened while I was attempting to lead our congregation a new song in our church.  This week I was all set to blog about what I considered one of my dad’s all-time best sermon’s until Vicki and I went to lunch after church yesterday.  Then everything changed.

We had been given a gift card to Outback Steakhouse.  We were extremely thankful and grateful to have the chance to go out for lunch.  I was really looking forward to getting me a nice juicy steak since it had been years since I last went to Outback.  Naomi was asleep as we carried her in so things were looking promising for a nice relaxing meal that we could enjoy together as a couple.

When we arrived, it was not crowded at all.  Vicki and I were excited when we sat down and there was no one around us.  We basically had our own little private, peaceful,  and cozy section in the corner of an empty room.  We ordered our drinks and began to look over the menu when the hostess proceeded to sit down a nice elderly couple at a table for 8 right beside us.  It was obvious they were going to be part of a bigger group,  but we were encouraged because they had the look.  You know the look.  The look that they just came from church.  It is sometimes obvious to tell who has been in church on a Sunday morning and who has not.  We could tell these folks had been, and in a short while that would be confirmed.  About the time we received our bread, the rest of their crew showed up. They were all upper-middle aged, a few couples and a few single ladies.  It was then when things began to get interesting.

Let me say upfront that I hate eavesdropping.  It bothers me.  I am not comfortable with it.  If I can hear someones phone conversation, I intentionally block it out.  That’s just the way I am.  I am usually not concerned with other peoples business.  However, with this group, that was impossible.  I tried my hardest not to pay attention to what they were saying – but it was too hard.  Vicki and I had been sitting down for approx 15 minutes and our privacy was gone, our peacefulness was gone.  These church-goers had now taken over our section and our conversation.

Now… I want to make sure I’m careful as I write this.  I don’t want to sound condescending or judgmental.  But for the rest of our time at Outback, I was embarrassed to call myself a Christian.  These folks were talking openly about a situation they were having in their church with their youth ministry.  I’m not sure if they were deacons or elders and if it was something they were responsible for or not – but as far as I’m concerned, this type of conversation should not be taking place in a public restaurant.  It was sad as Vicki and I sat there – also involved in youth ministry – as the following points were made:

  1. Their youth group just had an event a few weeks ago where they had fun for 3 hours, the gospel wasn’t preached 1 time.
  2. They used to have prayer breakfasts and they spent the first 30 minutes in prayer.
  3. One lady in particular was getting really worked up and letting her emotions get out of control while talking about her  “relationship with Jesus Christ” in a tone that would make me wonder how well she really knows Jesus. The rest of the group acknowledged with hmm’mm’s and yes’s the whole way through.

We spent the next 20 minutes eating, talking, and unfortunately listening.  There was more, but quite honestly, I could not listen anymore.  I was frustrated and discouraged.  I did not really want to be associated with them.  I felt bad for the waiter who was doing his job, taking their orders, all while this conversation was taking place.  It was sad.  It was pathetic.  When we got up to leave, I noticed another couple was sitting within listening distance.  I have no idea what they were thinking.

Please fellow Christians, be aware of your actions when in public.  If you are going to reveal yourselves as followers of Christ by praying for your meal and/or discussing the Pastor’s morning sermon, please be conscience of how you are presenting yourself to those around you.  You never know who is listening, you never know who is watching, you never know who you may be turning off the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I know I maybe acting a bit harsh, but it left a bad taste in my mouth… and that upset me because I had such a good tasting 16 oz steak for the first time in a long time.


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