Random Wednesday

Posted: October 6, 2010 in Uncategorized
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My wife did a fantastic job packing our suitcase for our trip to Atlanta. We didn’t want to pay and extra $25 per bag both ways (thanks a lot Air Tran) so she squeezed all of our clothes and Naomi’s clothes into 1 bag. She is a pro-bag-packer!

One negative to this method is that we did have to make a few sacrifices. One of my sacrifices was I did not bring my body wash and I agreed to use her apricot exfoliating with coconut extract body wash for the next few days. So now instead of smelling like the Old Spice man, I smell like Sarah Jessica Parker.

This got me thinking… What’s the one thing you couldn’t sacrifice for 4 days?

Phone, Razor, Toothbrush, etc?

  1. kayla wagner says:

    That would be a hard question…I would probably have to say phone! Or toothbrush/paste…Depending on the situation!

  2. Vicki says:

    Ha I didn’t know you wrote this! Thanks baby! I’d have to say conditioner!

  3. jason riggins says:

    Well…that’s a tough one?? I was kind of thinking some of these obvious things…soap, cars, beds, t.v., Lights, Electricity, running Water, Hot Water. A hot Shower!! Fast Food, A.C. Internet, etc…. I believe the list could go on & on. Here in the states it’s so different, because we just take way to much for granite. However on the mission trip to India. I definitely would not have been happy Sacrificing my Hand Sanitizer!! The majority of all the other things listed above were obsolete!!

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