Naomi’s Adventures – 1st Trip to Atlanta

Posted: October 12, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Last week Naomi experienced her first airplane ride and let me tell you… she was great! Ironically, for the old guy behind us on the way down, he didn’t feel quite the same. She discovered her voice the day before we left, which is exactly what you like to have happen the day before traveling on an airplane.  This meant she would now have the desire to sing, cheer and entertain everyone within 5 rows of us. It wasn’t too bad though and she actually had some people talking to her, smiling at her and making conversations with us about her.  Eventually she settled down, watched a little Dora and even fell asleep.  The flight was only an hour and a half, so she didn’t have to suffer too long on the plane.  Thank you so much to Bill and Ashley Oyster for letting us borrow the DVD player.

After we arrived in Atlanta, Naomi was introduced to her great Aunt and Uncle, and also a few of her second cousins.  She was also introduced to her great grandma for the first time.  They all loved her so much.  My grandma hasn’t been doing too well lately, so this was really good to be able to get them together.  Naomi is my grandma’s one and only great grandchild (for now) so it was a joy to see the two of them interact for at least an hour on Tuesday night.  There were plenty of tears in the room.

She also had lots of fun with her great Uncle Eben…

Then just when we thought the week couldn’t get any better, we found out that we were able to go the Ga Tech football game on Saturday.  This would be Naomi’s first college football game.  Since her first wedding was Mike Cox of the Kansas City Chiefs, we thought it would only be fair if her first college game would be Mike’s younger brother Lucas at Ga Tech.  The Cox family was very gracious for taking us to the game and for buying Naomi the cutest little Ga Tech dress.  Naomi enjoyed the game, and was very proud of Lucas for his 37 yards rushing, but as you can see… sitting in the sun did wear her out eventually.  We kept her in the shade though for most of the game.

So after a very long week, we made our way home on Saturday night.  Naomi was exhausted after the long flight.  On Sunday afternoon, her mom and I made some final touches on her room and for the first time in her young little life she slept in her own bed.  I think the long week helped her fall asleep and so far the first two nights have been great.  It was a little tough at first getting used to the fact that she wouldn’t be in her pack-n-play at the end of our bed, but so far so good.  She slept from 10 o’clock last night until about 7:30 this morning.  Here she is on her first night in her new bed…

  1. Vicki says:

    Eban is actually her 2nd cousin. 🙂

  2. david says:

    the one picture of Naomi at the GT game looks like she had been tailgating a little too much!!

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