The Worship Project – Hymns

Posted: October 28, 2010 in Uncategorized
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As a youth leader and worship leader in our somewhat traditional, independent baptist church, I have a unique responsibility.  Leading youth on Wednesday evenings.  Leading adults in worship on Sunday mornings.

I absolutely love worshiping with the youth.  Their passion and excitement for worship is inspiring.  We have some awesome experiences in our youth room.  There is freedom to jump around, dance, sit, stand, kneel on the ground.  It’s an intimate, family type atmosphere and I love it.

I also love worshiping with our adults.  Of course it’s a much larger group, with many different backgrounds and age groups.  It’s a completely different feel though.  A good percentage of the congregation really enjoy the modern worship songs.  Some raise hands, a few clap, we even have a deacon who likes to get “jiggy wit it”.  On the other hand, some stare, some glare, some like to sing “internally”, and some cover their ears.  The standing/sitting is all directed by the leader.

I love both settings.  The challenge I face is giving each group something that they can use to experience God and truly worship God.  This is a constant struggle and one that I admit has no easy solution.

I heard a great message at the Catalyst Conference by Craig Groeschel about the tension between generations.  I will admit this is a tense area.  I have to learn not to push my methods, preferences, opinions on those who have been brought up differently and have other likes and dislikes as me.  Craig’s message really helped open my eyes to some things that I was blinded about before.

So… I’m going to try something new.  One of my goals is to start integrating great hymns into our praise and worship times.  This will challenge and stretch our worship team, but I think we’ve grown so much over the past two years that we’ll do a pretty good job with it.

To help me with this project…  what is your all-time favorite hymn?  or 2 or 3?

If you go to our church, we just may sing it soon.

I will go first…

  1. mattriggins says:

    My favorite hymn has always been “Blessed Assurance”. Not really sure why… I just like the chorus… “This is my Story…..”

  2. Jason Black says:

    The third verse to “It is well” is simply amazing.

    My sin, oh the bliss of this glorious thought
    my sin, not in part but the whole
    was nailed to the cross, and I bear it no more
    praise the LORD, praise the LORD, oh my soul

    I love the way Third Day does “blessed assurance” too.

  3. chris says:

    take take take it all….you came to my rescue…..

  4. - b says:

    I’m not sure if you mean incorporating them upstairs or downstairs 🙂

    As a kid, my favorite hymn was “Blessed be the Name.” I knew which number it was in the hymnal and would ask my dad to request it during Sunday evening service all the time. That could be fun to do with a fast beat. And I do think the words are worshipful and inspiring, now that as an adult I know more than just the chorus.

    There are others that I’ve appreciated over the years, but my memory fails me at the moment.

  5. Bets says:

    Wow…hard to pick just one! My top three are Great is Thy Faithfulness, In the Garden and The Old Rugged Cross.

    Cool — this should be fun!

  6. tim says:

    I love Victory in Jesus, At the Cross and There is a Fountain filled with Blood. Any song about the Cross of the Blood makes me wanna git jiggy wit it

    • Beverly Riggins says:

      I love the old hymns. Two of my favorites are “Jesus Saves” and “At Calvary.” However, I also enjoy learning the “new” songs. I read this morning that “Many of us do not have good singing voices, so why should songs of praise play such a prominent role in spiritual growth? The act of singing tends to unite our emotions and intellect–and God wants us to devote ourselves to Him with every part of our lives.” (Charles Stanley)
      Thank you for your heart, Matt. I pray that whatever we sing…. old and/or new…that my heart, my emotions, and my intellect will be more closely united to the heart of God.

    • - b says:

      Ahh, there’s one of them. Thanks Tim. There is a Fountain is one that I enjoy singing.

  7. kayla wagner says:

    Victory in Jesus is my favorite hymn!

  8. Rachel says:

    “Awake my soul and sing, of Him who died for me, and hail Him as thy matchless King, through all eternity.” Titled, Crown Him with Many Crowns. Though not my favorite, one I sing often and my kids join right in:)

  9. mattriggins says:

    thank you all for your feedback on this project!! We will break a few out this Sunday if we can get the band to cooperate 🙂

    Or… learn them. 🙂

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