The real deal…

Posted: November 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

One morning as I was driving to work there was a pack of five classic cars driving down the interstate. As I drove by two of them, admiring the handiwork, the leaders of the pack (still in front of me) pulled into the left lane to pass slower traffic. What that created was me and my 1995 Pontiac Grand Am being in the middle of this group of classic cars doing 75 MPH down the interstate.  This continued for about 15 miles as I headed to work during my morning commute.

I couldn’t help but wonder what the people around us were thinking.  I also wondered what the guys driving the classic cars were thinking about me.  I laughed as I considered these possibilities, but the more I thought about this, it hit me .  This is exactly how I live my Christian life some days.

Some days I play the role.  I look the part.  I join the “crowd”.  I wear the mask.  I fake my way through life.  I smile.  I look happy.  I appear satisfied.  I go through the motions.

When the reality is that some days I am just pretending.

I want to be the real deal.  Transparent.  Someone that has been through the fire, but has come out like gold.  Not afraid to admit my failures, my weaknesses, my stumbles, my faults.  In the end, a classic.

The problem is that kind of living is hard.  Takes trust.  It’s risky.  It’s scary.  Means putting yourself out there.

Is it worth it?

The cars we passed knew I was a fake, a poser, someone trying to “fit in”.  The guys driving the classic cars most likely wanted me to get out of their way.  I was slowing them down, effecting their image, their “testimony”, the way people viewed them.

If we are faking our way through life, eventually it will catch up to us.  Others will notice and those we are traveling with may eventually drive away leaving us in the dust.

I want to be the real deal.  I really do.  But it’s hard.


  1. Vicki says:

    My husband is the real deal! Trust me, I live with him and he shows nothing but love, patience and kindness to his family and others.

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