Eliminating The Prickliness

Posted: November 2, 2010 in Uncategorized
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The other I day something started to bother me.  For most of the morning I could not get my chest to stop itching.  Actually, it was just one spot right about where my breastbone is, about two inches below my neck.  I have the most un-harriest chest in the world, so it amazed me that the one lousy hair on my chest could create such an annoyance.  It was driving me absolutely crazy so finally I had to do something about it.  I went out onto our factory floor, found a pair of scissors, went into the bathroom and snipped off this bothersome little whisker.

Problem solved!

Until I got back to my desk.

As I sat back down and began working again at my computer, the irritation returned.  I began to shout profanities!  Totally kidding about that part.  But I wanted to.  It wasn’t until then that I examined my shirt, this time a little closer than before.  Wouldn’t you know it, there was a sharp prickly object sticking out of my shirt rubbing up against my chest.  It took me about one second to remove that object and free me from this annoying pain that I had been experiencing all morning.

Today is the one day every other year when we have the opportunity to do the same thing.  Today is voting day!  Do you know of any sharp prickly objects that need to be removed?  (Sorry… couldn’t resist, hehehe)

If you’re like me you are thankful today is voting day for multiple reasons:

1) NO MORE TV ADS! You cannot watch TV these days without seeing 3 or 4 commercials in a row with one politician bashing another.  My wife and I have commented to each other on how the candidates rarely run an advertisement for themselves, but rather they just tell you why not to vote for their opponent.  I actually read yesterday that their strategy is to annoy us so much that we DON’T vote.  Fewer than 40% of Americans will vote this year, and according to Seth Godin, that’s exactly what they want…

If you don’t vote because you’re trying to teach politicians a lesson, you’re tragically misguided in your strategy. The very politicians you’re trying to send a message to don’t want you to vote. Since 1960, voting turnouts in mid-term elections are down significantly, and there’s one reason: because of TV advertising.

Political TV advertising is designed to do only one thing: suppress the turnout of the opponent’s supporters. If the TV ads can turn you off enough not to vote (“they’re all bums”) then their strategy has succeeded.

2) NO MORE PHONE CALLS! In the past week, I have received multiple phone calls from politicians.  I mostly let them go to voice mail since I don’t recognize the number, but I was disappointed when I missed the phone call from Sarah Palin.  I was hoping we could chat about hockey, and how proud I am of Bristol on Dancing with the Stars.  But alas, she had to leave me a voice mail, so hopefully next time we can chat.

3) NO MORE ED RENDELL! I live in PA, and so no matter what happens today, we know that Fast Eddie’s run of governor is coming to an end.  This is great for all state employees, who will start getting their paychecks on time, and this will also make the turnpike between Harrisburg and Philly a much safer place to drive.

4) THE CHANCE TO HAVE A VOICE! Deep down, we all want to be heard, to have an opinion, and for it to be taken seriously. By not voting, we are giving up our right to have a say.  Do a little research on the candidates and go vote for the ones that you agree with the most.

We’ll never remove all the prickly little objects in Washington, but we can do our best to stop putting new ones in… starting today.

  1. chris says:

    hey were did you get that quote?? that kinda makes me mad….!!!!

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