Friday Fun Day – Taking a Day Off

Posted: November 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

This has been a busy week, and the weekend doesn’t look to slow it down, so late yesterday afternoon I got the brilliant idea to take today off.  I’m officially taking a Ferris Bueller Day!  Although, hopefully instead of running from my boss, and wrecking a car, today I will relax by hanging with my beautiful wife and lovely daughter.  I haven’t had too many opportunities to do this and so today we are having a fun day!

Here’s the game plan:

Watch Sesame Street – When there is a baby in the house, this is a MUST.  Naomi already loves Elmo.  As a matter of fact, I sang her a song this morning.  It was called “Do you love daddy or Elmo more”.  I think she picked me… but it was a close one.

Go to the Mall – Rarely do my wife and I get the chance to just go and hang out and do some casual shopping.  I think there are things she has to get, but I’m more interested in taking Naomi in her stroller and just cruising around checking things out.  We get out to the mall at least once or twice a year, and each time we go we play a game.  It’s called “How many people we know will we’ll see”.  I’m going to say 3 for today’s adventure.

Pack our Samaritan’s Purse Box – This one has me excited.  We may even pack two.  Sometime while we are out, we will stop at the dollar store and pick up some things that a needy boy or girl in a 3rd world country would like.  I am excited about throwing these all in a box and packing them up – wrapped in love.  Our youth group set a goal of 25 boxes so hopefully next week we’ll meet our goal.  I just wish I could see the look on the children’s faces when they open their box.

Olive Garden – The Olive Garden has very reasonable lunch time prices.  Whenever we have the chance, we like to dive into the unlimited soup, salad, and bread sticks menu.  The last time we ate lunch there, was the last time I took a day off.  Can’t beat it, and as a bonus I get to eat lunch with my wife and daughter,which rarely happens.

Watch a Movie – Most likely tonight will end with us watching a movie together on the couch.  Naomi is not old enough to enjoy movies yet, but deep down I am wishing that we could rent Toy Story 3 and watch it with our little girl.  Probably in another year or so and we’ll be watching our fair share of kids movies.  I can’t wait!

So… that’s what I have planned for my day off.  When you take a random, unplanned day off work – how do you fill your day?

  1. david says:

    We did the hang out and watch a movie the other night. I unfortunately took the day off because I was sick, not because I wanted to take a personal day. Funny thing, we watched Toy Story 3. We all loved it, and Austin had a ball getting to hang out with daddy for the day. I get to do that on Thursdays when I stay home with him and Jenn goes to work. It’s an awesome time to just enjoy being together.

    Olive Garden rocks for lunch. Cheap and very fulfilling with the unlimited soup and salad.

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