Quick Post – Simple acts of Kindness

Posted: November 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

On Friday night, I attended the Hershey Bears hockey game.  At one point during the game, I went to the concession stand to get a drink.

As I’m standing in line, there was a kid in front of me.  He was maybe 10 years old, with a half eaten stick of blue cotton candy in his right hand.  There was only one customer in front of him, and he was frantically searching his pockets for something.  As I watched him, I could relate to him.  I know this feeling very well, as I do this about twice a day… usually looking for my cell phone.  He turns around to notice someone is standing behind him, and as a polite gesture, steps out of line to continue the search.

I made up my mind right then and there.  I’m going to ask this kid a question, and if he tells me he lost his money, I’m going to buy him whatever he wants.  I realize this could backfire in my face.  He could give me a list of items he was planning to buy, and considering we were at a hockey game – two or three items could have turned into $10-$20 right there on the spot.

“What are you looking for”

“Um… I lost my money”

“What do you want… I got ya covered”

“Um… a Kit Kat bar”

“No problem bro… just hang right there”

A simple Kit Kat bar.

I never saw this kid the rest of the night and chances are I’ll never see him again… and even if I did, I’m certain I wouldn’t recognize him.  I was thinking about this after the moment.  Why did I just do that?  And my conclusion was…

  1. I wanted the kid to know that good people exist in the world.  Who knows what his world up to this point has been like… but just in case he has been dealt some difficult circumstances, I wanted him to feel the joy of someone doing something nice for him, even if it was simply to buy him a Kit Kat bar.
  2. I wanted this to impact him so that perhaps he takes this simple act of kindness and uses it to impact the people around him in a positive way.  Sort of a “Pay it Forward” idea.
  3. I wanted to glorify Jesus, and when I was presented with this opportunity, I just said… hmmm, “why not”.



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