Read Through the Entire New Testament in 30 Days

Posted: January 4, 2011 in Uncategorized
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In my family, one of our all-time favorite movies is “What about Bob”.  In fact, I cannot spend at least 5 minutes around my cousin Eben without him quoting a scene from the movie.  The last time we visited Atlanta, Eben made a special trip to Blockbuster to rent What About Bob.  Then we watched it and laughed over and over again like it was the first time we had ever seen it.

If you remember the movie, when Bob met Dr Marvin for the first time, Leo gave him the following advice:

When you leave this office, don’t think about everything you have to do in order to get out of the building, just think to what you must do to get out of this room, and when you get to the hall, deal with that hall,and so …You see ? Baby steps !

Baby Steps!

Too many times when making a New Year resolution – I always think too BIG!  I always have good intentions, but what ultimately happens is that by the end of January (or sometimes by the end of the 1ST WEEK of January), I’ve already lost focus and my resolution has been forgotten.  This year I’m taking a different approach. Baby Steps!  Instead of thinking what I must to do make it to next December with my resolution, I’m going to try and make it to February.

You may ask: But the headline of this blog post has the word “ENTIRE” in it.  Did I read that right?  HOW IS THIS BABY STEPS!?!  Good question.  And I agree.  But… for me the baby part of it is the 30 days.  If I can get through the 30 days, then I will make a commitment to continue a reading plan for the next 30 days, etc.

Upon reading some “year-end reviews” from some of my favorite writers/bloggers/pastors – I came across this idea.  An intense New Testament reading plan that a church in North Carolina did at the beginning of last year.  The concept was simple: Read through the ENTIRE New Testament in 30 days. To help us not get too overwhelmed, the 30 days actually includes “Grace Days” which allow you to catch up if you missed anything or fell behind.  My plan is to begin on Monday, January 10.

I’m curious if any of you would like to join me on this journey.  Yes, it will be intense and aggressive and will mean making a serious short-term commitment.  It will require probably at least 30-45 mins of reading a day.  But if you’re serious about it – you will find was to use the time you are probably currently wasting to read your Bible.  For example, I have an hour to eat lunch every day – does it really take me an hour to eat lunch?  Doubtful – therefore I will be able to use some time there to read the Bible.

If you are interested in seeing the schedule, visit this website, and click on “reading plan”.  Remember, this plan was created for 2010 so the dates don’t line up exactly with 2011 dates.

If you decide to join me – please let me know in the comments or via email at and I can include you on encouraging texts/emails throughout the 30 days.

After all – what’s a better way to start out your New Year by deciding to read the Bible more.  It’s almost like a vacation!

Have a great vacation everyone! (Me too!) <— sorry a little What about Bob inside joke there.

  1. jriggins says:

    Count me In! Im up for the challenge. just curious though if you read through Matthew, do you think your good to go on Mark, Luke & John? For the most part they kinda repeat, with slight differences throughout.
    Well…i guess it’s all or Nothin!! Lookin fwd. to it.

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