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A New Era

Posted: May 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

Well…  times sure are changing.

The Lakers/Celtics dynasty appears to be over…

Tiger Woods is quickly turning into the Ken Griffey Jr. of golf…

And Matt Riggins is a now a worldwide known blogger!

Wait… what?

Well… why the last part is not entirely true and most likely won’t ever be, but I did accomplish something that I never really expected.

Tomorrow, Friday May 13, 2011, an article that I wrote will be featured in the super popular blog “Stuff Christians Like“.

Jon Acuff started that blog a few years ago and it blew up and became so popular that Dave Ramsey snatched him up and hired him.   He has authored 3 books, one of which I have read and one of which was just released this week.  I had the opportunity to meet Jon when I attended the Catalyst conference last fall in Atlanta, Ga and he is a super great guy who has not allowed his success to go to his head.

The article actually was originally posted here at my blog, but I won’t give away the secret.  You will have to check Jon’s blog tomorrow to read it (perhaps again) and hopefully the comments will be an enjoyable experience for me and there won’t be too many “who’s this idiot?” comments on there.  🙂