Who am I?

My name is Matt Riggins.  I live in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania with my beautiful wife Vicki and our adorable daughter Naomi.  The picture above was taken in the September of 2010 when Naomi was about 3.5 months old.

We are heavily involved in church ministry and we love it.  We are responsible for the development of spiritual growth for the teenagers that attend our church.  We also have the opportunity to lead our congregation in worship 2 or 3 Sunday’s each month.

I love to play the guitar, sing, watch sports, and most importantly hang out with my family.

My favorite bands are Casting Crowns, David Crowder, Jeremy Camp, and Aerosmith.  (Can’t forget my childhood!)

My favorite sports teams are  the New York Mets, Los Angeles Lakers, and Miami Dolphins.  As a 6 year old, my favorite athletes were Gary Carter, Magic Johnson, and Dan Marino… hence the favorite teams from 3 corners of the country.

I know my time on earth is short, so I’m doing my best to live my life to the fullest.  I desire to glorify God in all I say, do, and think.

Thank you for joining me on this journey

  1. Ronnie Riggins says:

    Hi Son – I’m so proud of you and your early baby steps at doing a blog. I enjoy reading them and I know many other people do as well. I’m sure with your commitment and dedication to this new way of communicating your reading audience willl grow. Keep up the good work. Love you – Dad

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